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October 4, 2011 2 comments

“…Out of the mouths of children, He has ordained Praise.” (Matthew 22:16)


Our train arrived at 4:00 in the morning at the Dahmo station, in central India. The Indian Missionaries and Evangelists who we came to minister and visit with, arranged rooms for us in the Children’s Home, which was a part of their overall ministry. After the 13 hour train ride I was anxious to settle into my room and climb into a real bed, that didn’t move.

The Children’s Home was constructed with marble floors, a building material of moderate price readily available in India. As we drove up in the dark with a brightly lit cross at the top of the home, and marble everywhere it reminded me of a palace, or a temple if you will.

As quickly as I could, I settled into my room, and eventually into bed. I was asleep for what seemed to be only minutes, when I was awakened abruptly by a clamor of children’s voices echoing off the marble floors. It sounded as if they were in the room with me they were so loud. I lay there in the pre-dawn dark just listening to them. In any other situation I would have been cranky about being rattled out of a sound sleep, but I found myself smiling as I heard them greet their day, and one another with so much loud, laughter and delight. It was truly a noisy, joyful noise.

I listened in bed till the sun came up. When I couldn’t resist any longer I went to the door in my flip flops, Spiderman lounge pants, Superman T-shirt, and ball cap. I slowly poked my head out of the door so as not to scare or startle them away as if they were deer fleeing a stranger in the woods. Instead they saw me and with smiles on their faces greeted me with one of the nicest, sweetest, and loudest “Good mornings” I have ever received.

Soon I was surrounded by little boys who were curious, and delighted by my attire. They called me “Superman,” and they talked to me all at once in broken English. There was something else they kept calling me “Bia (Bee-a)” which I found out later meant ‘brother’ in Hindi. Soon with my new little brothers my joy too became a part of the clamor.

As I wrote in my journal later that morning and reflected on the children, I asked God a curious question, “Is that what you want from me Lord, to clamor after you with delight and abandon like those boys?” His answer filled my spirit with a resounding ‘Yes!’ 

Then I thought of Jesus and the children in Matthew 22:15-16, they too made a clamor that echoed off the marble floors of the Temple. Proper religious folks told Jesus to tell them to pipe down. Jesus told them that they didn’t get it, “That out of the mouths of children, God has adorned praise.” Jesus let them clamor on with their Praises and Hosannas to Him, and I know he was as delighted with them as I was with the children of Dahmo.

It is my prayer that I don’t get so ‘grown up’ in my praise to God, that I forget to clamor after Him in the sheer delight that He is my Heavenly Father, and that He loves me so much. I want to love Him back as loudly as I can!

Blessings, Pastor Joel




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