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Dear Pop,

I really didn’t get to say good-bye to you. You died before I or anyone could do anything to help you. You woke early before the rest of us to work on that table for mother. We found you with a planer in hand slumped over the finished project. You always wanted to give your family your very best. The table is proof.

That was last year and now as I begin to do what I was put on this earth to accomplish, I wanted to make sure you knew how thankful I was for you. In case you didn’t know it, ABBA picked the right father for me while I was here. To you it must have been a huge responsibility to raise the Son of God to manhood, but you done good Pop. You taught me a lot about seeing a job through to the end, even when the knots of the wood would work against your best efforts. You also taught me that the joy of a job well done is like no other feeling on earth. Even now I can see your hands running gently over a finished piece as if you were blessing it for the use it would have ahead of it… like I felt you bless me so many times.

History and the world will know you as Joseph the carpenter from Nazareth, and as the husband of Mary. But you were so much more. To me you will always be my Pop.

I know it was isn’t easy for you to see your beloved wife give birth to her first born which wasn’t yours, but in my whole life you never treated me like I wasn’t. When my life was in danger before it hardly begun, you saved me, you saved us all. Maybe that’s where I get the courage and resolve to do what I know I must to save everyone. You demonstrated what that looks like in a man.

So Pop I know you you’re with ABBA now, and no doubt you are quite pleased with each other… In a real human way I want to make you both proud. I will give this letter to Mama before I leave, because mother’s like this sort of thing… She misses you so much you know.

Thank you Joseph… thank you for loving my Mother so well… thanks for your willingness to be a part of my story… thanks for loving me… thanks for being my Pop… thanks for everything.

Love, Jesus (Josh)

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