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“…to whom much is given much is required…” Luke 12:48



Fifty years ago in August, an iconic American Hero made his debut in the pages of Marvel Comics’ “Amazing Fantasy.”  It told the story of high school student Peter Parker, who when bit by a radioactive spider, developed extraordinary powers and became the Amazing Spider-Man, who could walk up walls and swing from his own webs. Spider-Man is still one of the most recognized characters in the world, by comic book and non-comic book fans alike.


Spider-Man broke new ground for comic book super heroes, in that he was the first teen aged, stand alone, super hero…and he had the normal problems of a teenager, which his alter ego couldn’t easily solve. These were depicted throughout the many Spider-Man stories over the years. The last panel of the last page of the first story, illustrates the first and greatest lesson Spider-Man had to learn, “…with great power comes great responsibility!”


Now when Spider-Man’s creator, Stan Lee wrote those words I don’t think he knew how close he was to quoting Jesus in Luke 12:48, when he said, “…to whom much is given much is required…” In truth we must realize that as Children of God you and I have been gifted with so much through the Grace of our Lord Jesus as illustrated through the 1:3s of Ephesians and 2 Peter;

“Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who has blessed us in Christ with every spiritual blessing in the heavenly places,”


“His divine power has granted to us all things that pertain to life and godliness, through the knowledge of him who called us to his own glory and excellence,”


In coming to Christ we have received the gift of the Holy Spirit, God’s very presence living in us. Through the Holy Spirit we have the power to love, proclaim, pray, and worship beyond what our own flesh is able to manifest on its own. We have the ability to face impossible situations and perceive a Godly outcome. The people of Jesus Christ bring Hope to the hope-less, Love to the un-lovable, and Faith to the faith-less. We are the stewards of the message that saves the souls of humanity. Indeed, to us much has been given, and now much is required.


In light of all that has been given to us as individuals, and as a body, the one thing that we don’t get to do with our gifts is nothing. We don’t get to come to Christ for salvation and then pack our bags and wait for Heaven.

With this great power we have a responsibility to bring the life-saving message of the Gospel, in word and deed, to a lost and dying world. We are the people of Truth and Justice. We are the people of Peace and Love. We are EXTRAORDINARY!


Regardless of size every church of Jesus Christ bears this responsibility. In Christ we have the freedom to carry on this responsibility through His original design for us as individuals. We don’t all have to wear the same Cape if you will. But we must except that we are all uniquely gifted by God for Godly purposes… and with that comes great responsibility.



Pastor Joel


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