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100 Fold

 “…And other seeds fell into good soil and produced grain, growing up and increasing and yielding thirtyfold and sixtyfold and a hundredfold.” Mark 4:8

100 FOLD

Growing in Christ has been one of our chief concerns as a Christian… who wouldn’t want to be more Christ-like? The question of how to grow in Christ has been addressed by every Pastor in every pulpit since the invention of Pastors and Pulpits. Many people, from Laymen to Theologians have studied and written books about it, hoping to come up with a concise step by step formula to help you and I be more like Jesus… I even own some of those books.

What we really are asking is, does our life bear the fruit of one who has been transformed by the love of Christ? Is the fruit of our repentance seen in us? If not, then how can we get there?

I think the real question is why aren’t we growing in Christ? As Human Beings God has designed our bodies to grow and thrive on its own given the proper health, nutrition and exercise. When our physical body isn’t bearing the fruit of good health we want to know why. I believe all who are Spiritually Born Again in Christ Jesus have it with in them to bare much fruit for the Kingdom of God, it’s what we were designed by God to do. When that doesn’t happen, we need to ask why.

In the Parable of the Sower Jesus illustrates why some seeds grow, flourish, and yield a bountiful harvest, and why some do not. I believe the parable of the sower holds for us the secret for our Spiritual Success. The seed’s fruitfulness depends on the condition of the soil. Our growth in Christ depends on the condition of our heart. A heart that is receptive to the Word of God yields a harvest that can measure to thirty, sixty and a hundred fold.

This month we will begin an indept study of the parable of the sower called “100 Fold.” Each Sunday we will look at different aspects of the parable to discover greater fruitfulness in Christ. There will be a personal study guide made available to help each person examine their own walk with the Lord. Hopefully it will be an opportunity for us all to look at some key issues that may have been keeping us from experiencing all that God has for us in Him.

It is my prayer that as we open ourselves to what the Lord is teaching us in this simple story, we will indeed experience a bountiful harvest… not just in our own personal lives but in the First Baptist Church as a whole. I look forward to walking with you as we walk alongside…the sower who went out to sow some seed, and as he sowed…


Pastor Joel

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