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“…I came that they may have life, and have it abundantly.”  Matthew 11:28

75 years ago this summer an American icon leaped over a tall building, and out of the pages of Action Comics in form of Superman. I have enjoyed comic books and super heroes all my life… But Superman without a doubt has always been my favorite.

I first became aware of the Man of Steel as a small boy watching “The Adventures of Superman” on television after school. I always got so excited when I heard the first words of the introductory voice over, ‘Faster than a speeding bullet… more powerful than a locomotive… able to leap tall buildings at a single bound…’ For those 30 minutes I was transported to another world of sheer wonder, and then for the rest of the afternoon I practiced my Superman take-offs with a towel safety-pinned to my shirt.

I loved Superman. I wanted to be Superman. I got his costume for my birthday one year and had it on for a week straight. I slept in it, and wore it under my clothes just like the real Superman on T.V.

My Superman was played by George Reeves. He is one of seven different actors who have worn the cape in movies and television. Through the years I have enjoyed them all. Even at the age of 57 with the newest Man of Steel storming cinema box offices, I’m still that kid with the towel in the back yard.

As wonderful and magical as Superman is, it is not lost on me that it has taken no less than seven different people to try and capture the full character of who Superman is… Some have come closer than others, but the true essence of who Superman is still remains in the pages of the comic books… and my imagination.

This cannot be said of my True Hero. Personally he captured my heart and imagination when I was 10 years old, and still does. He continues to fill me with Joy and Wonder over His Amazing Love and Grace. I feel like a kid in His presence still… and it only took one man to fulfill and perfect the full essence and character of the Son of God as revealed through scripture, and His name is Jesus.

Some of the actors who portrayed Superman have died or retired, or moved onto different things. Jesus is alive and well and sitting at the right hand of God the Father. He is my Lord… He’s my Savior… He’s my Friend… He’s my Hero… and I love Him after all these years. I hope He’s yours too.


Pastor Joel

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