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“And the Word became flesh and dwelt among us, and we have seen his glory, glory as of the only Son from the Father, full of grace and truth.” John 1: 14

When I was a single father with not much income to speak of, innovation and improvisation became the “Go to” tools in the Tool Box of my life… especially at Christmas time.

The expenses of Christmas can add up. Besides the buying of gifts, there’s the tree, ornaments, lights, food, and wrapping paper. With all of this, innovation becomes a single father’s best friend… It also helps if you have some helpers. My help came in the form of my three young daughters.

One year during the holidays I somehow got a hold of several large rolls of brown paper about two feet wide. These would become the foundation for my Christmas wrapping paper. The next weekend my girls were scheduled to be with me. When we arrived at my apartment, I told the girls to take off their shoes and socks before I opened the door. With lots of giggles and excitement they promptly did as I instructed.

When I opened the door to my apartment they saw the brown paper stretched out on the floor leading to the bathroom and a tub filled part way with water. Right by the door as we entered were bowls filled with red, green, and blue paint. I asked the girls to dip their feet into the paint and walk on the brown paper to the bath room and into the tub. They made several trips… and in the end we had very festive, custom made paper in which to wrap our Christmas treasures in.

Of course not all the paint stayed on the paper… but isn’t that what security deposits are for? It also took a while to get all the paint out of the tub. It was totally worth it though to experience my daughters’ joy as they walked up and down the paper in red, green, and blue feet, and seeing their unique colorful, little footprints in three different sizes emblazoned on the plain brown paper… Priceless.

One can say Christmas has always been about footprints. It’s when God came to us wearing the tiny foot prints of a baby in a manger… And when Jesus walked on the plain drab surface of this world, the Glory of God shone in every step He took, and life on this earth would never be the same again because of those footprints…  Priceless.


Pastor Joel

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