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Company is Coming

As we move into the final three months of the year, we begin to think of the holidays. Holidays usually mean folks coming over to visit, share a meal or celebrate with us. What do we do when we know company is coming over? If yours is anything like the Holt household, this means straightening up the living room, planning meals and arranging furniture so that people will feel comfortable and welcome when they arrive.   We need to look at reaching out into our community the same way. Outreach is meeting the needs of our community while expressing God’s love in ways that build relationships and provide opportunities to share God’s plan of salvation. It’s important to our church because it is important to God and that makes it important to every Christian for the following reasons:

  • Outreach was commanded by Christ. Before His ascension, Jesus told the disciples that their impact on the world should start in their city and expand its influence into the entire world (Matthew 28.19; Acts 1:8; 2 Peter 3:9).
  • Outreach is necessary for growth. Worship, discipleship, and serving are important, but if you never progress to the next stage of maturity by reaching out to others, you will be spiritually lacking and incomplete. A living church is reproducing, while a dying church has no heart or burden for the lost in their community. (Matthew 9:9-12).
  • Outreach both glorifies and pleases God. The Bible tells us that doing God’s work is like a tree bearing a lot of fruit. Jesus told us that God is glorified when we bear fruit by reaching out to others (John 15:8; 1 Timothy 2:3–4).
  • Outreach results in God’s blessing and favor on your life. The Bible is very clear that God intends to bless those whose hearts are focused on reaching out to lost and hurting people. God clearly affirms those who share His passion and heart for reaching out to those who do not know Him (Genesis 12:1–3; Luke 6:38).
  • Outreach requires synergy. Loving our community and world will require individual and organizational cooperation. It calls each of us to set aside our individual preferences and combine our time, talents, and treasures (Ecclesiastes 4:9).

As we move into the fall season, won’t you join me in looking around our home (church) and asking ourselves if I invite folks over, will this be the kind of place they will want to come back to? Is this the kind of sermon that is attractional? Is this the kind of music that will encourage new people to join us? We know we want to reach out to our community but we should be thoughtful on how to make whatever efforts we do produce fruit for the Kingdom. Let me know your ideas this month. Drop me an email (Richard.holtedd@gmail.com) or even a note in the collection plate. What would you suggest to make us more attractive to the world?   Company is coming. We are going to start inviting folks left and right and we want our house to be the spiritual home that people need. Where can we start?

Pastor Rich

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