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Tell the world we preach the Word!

Church growth is on my mind this month. Not growth for growth’s sake but building our base to be able to make a difference in our community. The reality is that a church will not rise above the level of its pastor’s preaching. The pastor is the key ingredient in turning around a church. If there was nothing else to offer here, you should feel comfortable telling others, “come hear” what our pastor teaches.


Consider God’s vision of the valley of dry bones. Ezekiel saw the valley filled with dead men’s bones and asked, “can these bones ever live again.” God’s answer was, “Start preaching!” (Ezek 37:9) As he continued preaching, the bones took on flesh and began to breathe again. Ezekiel asked God what to do next. God replied, “Keep on preaching.” (Ezek 37:12) So he continued preaching and the valley of people became a marching army.


Let me be clear that I don’t see a church turnaround solely as the responsibility of the pastor. What I do see is that when there is sound biblical preaching from the pulpit, that is, the word of God delivered as God wants, then restoration is possible. I have heard two different comments since I’ve been here, “I hope he’s not discouraged because there aren’t many people” and “he preaches like there’s a full church”. Ezekiel preached to a valley of dry bones. I preach on behalf of God and the attendance does not impact this. Here are some things I believe about preaching:


Preaching that turns churches around is Biblical

When people come to church they want to find it necessary to open their Bibles and dig in! A sermon that breathes life into a congregation is one that is filled with constant references to the text and its principles. Though most preachers are preaching the Bible, not all churches are coming alive. There are more ingredients in Biblical preaching that must be there as well.


Preaching that turns churches around must be relevant

My task is to give out more than Biblical information. I believe God wants me to make sure that the Biblical principles I share are the ones the people need in their everyday lives, not answering questions that nobody else but preachers are asking.


Preaching that turns churches around is understandable

A preacher who preaches over the heads of his people isn’t smart. He just has bad aim. My job is to communicate the truth so that the people will be able to obey God’s word.


Preaching that turns churches around is passionate

I’ve heard too many preachers who preach with all the enthusiasm of reading a two-week old newspaper. Our message is the best news the world has ever heard. It is a high privilege to preach the most exciting Book in the world. I ask two questions each time I preach: “Do I really believe what I am about to say.” Second, “Is what I am about to say really important?” It must be a message from one person’s heart directed to another’s heart.


We are all part of the solution in growing our church. I will do my best to deliver the kind of preaching I’ve described. Then we’ve all got to get the word out that we have something to say here that is worth coming for.



Pastor Rich



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