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Courage to Change

January 9, 2015 Leave a comment

I have been very encouraged in my time here about folks attitude toward change. I have seen little resistance but as we approach the New Year, we will need to really be prepared. With culture and church membership constantly changing across the country, that which was right one decade will likely be wrong the next decade. The worst case scenario, of course, is changing the things we should never change.


But holding fast to the things we should be willing to change can be equally harmful. In the book of Acts we see God trying to move out through the church to reach the oceans of lost people outside the church. But He was met by Christian believers who were not willing to change. In Acts 10 and 11 God practically forces Peter into preaching to Cornelius and his household. What provoked such a spirit of resistance in Peter? God was calling him to change!


Howard Hendricks wrote an article called “Good reasons for doing nothing.” Adapted from his list of reasons and his answers are the following:


  • The proposal would set a precedent! – Change always sets precedents!
  • There is no precedent to guide us! – How anything ever gets started must remain a mystery based on this objection.
  • We haven’t proved the old method can’t be made to work. Anyway, how do we know whether the new one can? – You can’t prove that something that doesn’t yet exist won’t work. Do we wait until there is no hope of using the old method at all? If so, change would never happen.
  • The time is not ripe. Members, our neighbors or the public aren’t ready for it. We don’t have all the facts. – These and others are, in fact, reasons for doing nothing—but that’s the one thing we dare not do!


The cost of not changing is worse than anything we will face as the result of carefully considered change. An error-proof system is also change-proof system. Appropriate change that advances the Kingdom is being obedient to the Great Commission and to God.


Let’s march forward together,

Pastor Rich



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