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Seasons in our Lives

The book of Ecclesiastes points out that there is a time (or season) for everything. In Chapter 3, vs. 1 – 4, it reads’…”to everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven: a time to be born, and a time to die; a time to plant, and a time to reap (harvest) that which is planted.”

So, what is a season? For our purposes, a season in our life is a time frame that has been allotted for something to happen. God has so arranged it so that things here on earth and in our lives operate in seasons. Seasons are basically divided into two types… seasons of seedtime (preparation) and seasons of harvest (reaping from what has been sewn during the season of seed time). During a season, things around us are orchestrated in such a manner that our efforts are supported. Consider the farmer…. his goal is to produce a large crop of something, sell it, and receive money for it. We see that he cannot however; get to the money until he properly goes through the seasons required to produce a crop to harvest. As he goes through each season, he must do the right things… (cultivate the soil, fertilize etc.) otherwise, he won’t successfully produce a crop that will bring him the reward he desires. So it is in our lives. When we desire to be successful, we must observe the seasons that we are to go through and perform properly (do the right thing) as we pass through each.

What happens when we miss a season? Basically we don’t have the wind at our back, helping to blow us in the direction that we’re trying to go. We are in a particular season of life here at First Baptist Church of Palos Verdes. There were times in our past when the harvest was plentiful, a full sanctuary, a youth program, Pastors who served faithfully for many years. Just like the farmer however, seasons change. There are years when a field must lie fallow, or unplanted, so that the soil can rejuvenate. During that season, that field will produce no crop but the farmer is not worried. Nor is our God. He knows that once the soil has rested for a period, it is ready and able to return to the cycle. Seedtime (preparation) for us is deciding who will be our members going forward, discerning how to reach those people, and preparing our church to be a welcoming place for them. If we cultivate and seed appropriately, nourish with hard work and water with prayer, God will bring the harvest.

What happens when we get ahead of a season of God in life? In the book of Genesis, we find the story of Abraham and Sarah. God promises, in spite of their old age, that Sarah will have a son. They were happy but doubtful. So, they decided to get ahead of God – to get ahead of their season. Of course we know that Sarah gave Abraham her slave girl, who them bore him a son. But then…. the true season of God came to pass and, Sarah became pregnant and gave birth to a son. It was through that son, Isaac, that the promised legacy would be fulfilled. However, this getting-ahead-of-God cause great strife between Sarah, Hagar, Abraham and their sons. The sons of Isaac would become the Hebrews, and ultimately lead to Jesus. The sons of Ishmael would ultimately become the Muslims. This has had consequences to this very day. So when we get ahead of seasons of God in our lives we can open ourselves to hurt and permanent damage.

Let’s decide what God wants us to do today, here, now. Let us be faithful in preparation so that we will be blessed in the harvest. Look to our own lives as well and ask ourselves, what season does God have us in? And are we prepared to follow him through the seasons he has set before us in faith?


Pastor Rich


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