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Fathers Worth Following

June is the month we recognize and celebrate fathers. The Bible lists several dads who were the kind of fathers whose examples are worth following. Let’s look at four fathers in the Bible who got the attention of heaven. On one hand what they did was spectacular. On the other hand, they only did what is expected of every dad. The men we will consider as follow-worthy fathers are: Noah, Abraham, Job and Joshua. These four guys are household names. They are super-heroes of the faith. Yet each of them did something which today’s dad can easily duplicate.

Noah – saved the race, by saving his family. When the world was falling apart one father went about life in such a way as to find favor with God in heaven. He dared to be different rather than cowering to the spiritual climate of his peers. When the Lord looked at the world he saw a dismal picture. As He considered Noah, God devised a redemptive plan. He decided on a way to save the one man who did what was right – and his family.

Abraham was the founder of a nation. The Lord chose to set a nation apart in order to begin the process of redeeming the world through His mercy to that nation. To raise up that nation He chose a man who would lead his children in the way God wanted him to. Abraham followed God and trusted God even when it called for sacrifice. Because he was faithful, not only was the nation of Israel founded, as the covenant provided, all the nations of the world would be blessed.

Job – prayed for his children. Job got God’s attention. Not because he was the richest man around, but because he was blameless and because as a father he faithfully prayed for his children. Job’s faithfulness in this responsibility has always impressed me. He prayed for his children just in case any of them had sinned. He didn’t wait for a neighbor to report he had seen one of his children doing wrong. He knew the weakness of human nature. He prayed for them “whether they needed it or not.”

Joshua – chose the Lord for his family Josh. When Israel was about to enter her third generation of leadership, Joshua set the example for every home in the nation. Not only that, he also set the tone for every father who would follow after him. When we leave this world our greatest legacy is the one which shows the direction we left. The most important thing we can do in our death is to is to let those we leave know where we are going – where you stand with the Lord.

Joshua as much as told Israel, “I don’t know what you will do when I’m not here. But this is what hope you will do.” (GB) What made Joshua a great father to follow was his determination that he and his family would follow the Lord.

Four famous fathers. Men who loved their families and served the Lord.
Noah who lived different from the people around him.
Abraham who instructed his family in the ways of the Lord.
Job who prayed for his family, that their hearts would stay pure.
Joshua who chose the Lord to be Lord of his home.

They have been famous on earth and they will be famous in heaven. They set their families on a godly path leading by example. They did right when it would have been easier, even acceptable to do wrong. They prayed faithfully for their children. And they chose the Lord as God of their life and let everyone know it. You can do those things. Start with choosing the Lord. Then live for God and let everyone know it. You can make a world of difference.

Pastor Rich

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